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David Rottman Releases New Self-Help Novel SEX, LOVE, AND THERAPY – PRNewswire

BRONXVILLE, N.Y., Feb. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — David Rottman’s ingenious, first-of-a-kind self-help novel, SEX, LOVE, AND THERAPY explores what men and women need to know if they are to find happiness and satisfaction in sex and relationships.

Considering he was obsessed with his sex life, or rather the lack of one, it was remarkable that the episode that drove Jeff Smith into therapy involved his turning down an offer of sex from a woman he found deeply attractive. With one sexually frustrating episode following another, Jeff is thrown back on himself to discover the momentous hidden tasks that life and love are asking of him.

Two things have never worked out in her life, says Michelle Machmad: men and her career. She matured early and started out on the wrong foot with men, and since then it’s been “men don’t have sex with you, they have sex at you.” Angry and resentful, she has never felt cared for by anyone in her life except Mimi, her beloved flat-coated retriever. Bored at work, and with one disappointment after another with men, has Michelle’s chance for love and happiness passed irrevocably?

In alternating chapters, we see the incredible details of how Jeff and Michelle work through the burdens of their past in therapy, and make themselves ready to open up to love. When they finally meet, the explosion of hope and meaning and happiness has thrilled every reader of this book.


“The last chapter of this book should be required reading for everyone on the planet!”
—  Jacob Miller, senior faculty member, Gotham Writer’s Workshop; and author of Lines From a Canvas and A Toast to Oblivion.

“At the point in this book where the male character declares his love, I cried. This book is so poignant and moving. It’s about an essential universal problem: how to find love. The characters are very real, the dialogue is very real. It’s an exquisitely beautiful book.”
 Fred Ciporen, former Publisher of Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal.


David Rottman is Past President and Chairman of the Board of the C.G. Jung Foundation of New York. He is a Faculty Member of the Jung Foundation’s Continuing Education Program and has taught courses on Jungian Psychology, Love and Relationships for more than 25 years. He has a private practice in New York City.

SEX, LOVE, AND THERAPY by David Rottman

Zahav Books, Inc. Bronxville, New York

ISBN-13  978-1-935184-04-1  PRICE $14.95

E-book ISBN  978-1-935184-05-8  PRICE $4.99

on-sale February 6, 2020 at  Sex, Love, and Therapy

Website: and

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Zahav Books Inc.
Hannah Laufer

Available on Amazon: Sex, Love, and Therapy

SOURCE Zahav Books Inc.

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