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Infiniti's Market Segmentation Analysis Helped a CPG Company to Streamline Marketing Initiatives and Increase Sales | Request a FREE Proposal for Similar Engagements for Your Business – Business Wire

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Infiniti Research, a leading market intelligence solutions provider, has recently announced the completion of its latest success story on market segmentation analysis. This success story provides comprehensive insights into how Infiniti’s market segmentation analysis helped a CPG company to streamline marketing initiatives and realize huge savings on their marketing budget.

Although the global CPG industry has been experiencing positive growth over the past few years, a variety of complex challenges such as pricing pressure, investment volatility, and customer experience management hurdles have started coming to the forefront. Owing to such challenges, new approaches to understanding the market and target customers have become imperative for CPG companies. Also, CPG companies will need to reinvent the way they engage with their customers and personalize marketing strategies for them.

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Business Challenges Faced: The client is a CPG company based out of the United States. They wanted to devise targeted sales and marketing strategies for their customers. Also, they wanted to identify profitable customer segments and efficiently utilize their marketing budget. Besides, they wanted to direct their marketing budget into specific communication channels that would reach their target customer base. They approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market segmentation analysis.

Other key challenges that the client encountered include:

  • Personalizing product and service offerings
  • Tracking customers’ activities within different segments
  • Devising a sound sales and marketing strategy

“Leaders of consumer products companies need to strike a delicate balance between cost, quality, product innovation, and market growth, all while maintaining margins,” says a market intelligence expert from Infiniti Research.

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The Solution Offered: Infiniti’s market segmentation analysis engagement comprised of a customer needs assessment, customer satisfaction survey, and marketing strategy engagement.

Infiniti’s market segmentation analysis helped the CPG firm to:

  • Segment customers into various groups based on their spending patterns, buying behavior, interests, and value for the brand
  • Make marketing, product development, and customer service more effective by personalizing initiatives for different segments
  • Constantly track customers’ activities within various groups and restructure their business strategies
  • Set profitable prices for their products and services
  • Increase sales by 33%
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