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Affiliate Institute Reviews Agree: Their Marketing Training Rock –

Affiliate Institute Reviews Agree It’s the Best Online Marketing Training

A while back I purchased some training from a guy named Jacob Caris. It had some decent strategies. However, what I found to be the most interesting within the course is that it contain a bonus at the very end. In that bonus he was pushing an amazing training program that worked well with all kinds of marketing, not just click funnels. That program was Affiliate Institute, and now that I’ve read them I can definitely say that all the reviews online agree. It is easily the best online marketing training for aspiring affiliate marketers and even business owners looking to learn more about marketing online.

When I first heard about it, I didn’t sign up right away. It did put Affiliate Institute on my radar, though, and a few months later I ended up registering. I wanted to see what it was all about.

After I went through all of the content I was so impressed that I went out and made a (now infamous) case study using what I learned.

However, with their training constantly being updated all the time there is certainly some outdated information available online when it comes to Affiliate Institute and what they offer.

So in this particular review of Affiliate Institute I’ll be sharing the most updated and current information available about this amazing training program.

What is Affiliate Institute?

Affiliate Institute is a full training course for both entrepreneurs and online marketers, and it has several different courses and tiers of learning. It was created by Kameron George, Julian Sherman, and Mathieu Jang, and includes training from Dennis Yu and Chris Smith. In short, it has some big names involved who really know the field.

As I looked into the program and the founders more and more, I started to become more comfortable with all of them as people, and I was impressed by their knowledge.

The core products that Affiliate Institute provides is mostly made up of various video and text trainings. They also provide a lot of live video trainings, and at the higher end of things provide some amazing live events as well.

What you’ll find is extremely unique about Affiliate Institute (Ai) is all the coaching involved. Everyone is free to ask questions and actually receive answers from qualified coaches. It’s really amazing as you never go long waiting for an answer to any question you might have. This really helps you to get the most out of the training that they’re offering.

Who is Affiliate Institute For?

The education provided by Affiliate Institute is mostly aimed at the intermediates and beginners in the marketing field who want to learn more about how to start/grow their businesses online. However, Ai is definitely all about making sure that everyone has something that they can learn, and they show that it’s important to them that people learn both core aspects of marketing and beyond.

I really like the fact that many of their ways of thinking actually are similar to those of Russell Brunson and what they goes around preaching within his community of people. This is even more true of some of the bigger concepts people push like making a sales funnel, and using a story to make sales.

Affiliate Institute also provides even more for those who are already experts in the field of marketing online. This is not just advanced training, but an extremely profitable affiliate program for their system.

Because they offer more affordable training at the lower end as well as a free beginners account, it is extremely simple for your own audience to sign up and start making money within the Ai training system.

Also, the higher end trainings and live seminars are a great way for people to earn HUGE commissions as affiliates. Even better than that is that you can make use of Ai’s sales team to help you to make sales on the higher commission trainings, too.

Some of the Best Parts of Affiliate Institute

#1: The Training is Seriously Good

The thing I really love more than anything else about Affiliate Institute is that I know anyone going through the education system will be getting tons of value out of it. I know it’ll help their online business in a very significant way if they take the lessons to heart and take action on what they learn.

Even with the lower tier courses this is still true. There’s value all over the training, and you see it right from the start.

#2: The Amazing Affiliate System

The Affiliate Institute has easily one of the most phenomenal backends for affiliates that I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

First they give you several various funnels to use based on what kind of promotion you’re doing, and the entire goal of these programs is to get people signing up and into their little ecosystem.

As you can expect you’ll also have your more standard affiliate links for adding a subid (tracking id) to. You can also add in your Facebook pixel for retargeting purposes as well, which is super helpful and a great time saver.

You’ll also be available to connect whichever autoresponder (for emails) that you’re comfortable with.

There’s so much more within their affiliate system backend that I don’t have time to cover in this particular review, but I’ll be doing an article in the future about it that goes way more in-depth. Be on the look out for that.

#3 Always in a State of Evolution

The Affiliate Institute training program is always being updated, refined, and added to.

The live training started to be offered not too long ago, and all of their products were recently revamped with brand new videos to accompany it.

They do this to keep their content fresh and up to date with all the latest tactics and strategies that are actively working.

#4 Fast, Amazing Support

Going through their system I have tons and tons of questions. It’s just who I am. That doesn’t mean the training doesn’t cover a lot; it does. It’s very inclusive, but I’m a big question guy.

Which is why I’m so happy to have found that their support team is extremely responsive and helpful.

Even if I see that their support is off for the day I’ll still see people from their support team responding and answering my questions. I love this.

Sure, this is a small thing, but it gives me so much more confidence when using any system to see that the support is top notch.

Things I Dislike About Affiliate Institute

#1 Not Always Consistent

Some of the things I really enjoy about the training provided on the Ai platform is that they offer transcripts in pdf form, and they also often offer an audio version in mp3 so it can be downloaded and listened to offline. Super, duper handy, for sure!

Sadly, this isn’t available with every single lesson they provide. Especially with some of the more advanced content in there. It’s really hit or miss.

Having an audio file to download is very useful for me since I really like to consume any content when at the gym or in the car. It’s so much more convenient for me and saves me a ton of time. The audio just fits what I need more than it does other people.

I’d also really like them to start naming their Webinar replays a bit better. Right now they’re named generically with a date (Replay from 7-15-19 for example), which means you won’t know what it is focused on unless you start watching it.

If they named them correctly based on their topics it’d be so much easier to get through the replays, and it’d make them easier for you to find and listen to over and over again. This is especially needed since their video library is growing at such a massive rate.

#2 Joining Their Affiliate Program is Difficult

There are plenty of affiliate programs out there that require a manual approval process to make sure they’re getting quality users, but Affiliate Institute takes it even further.

If you decide to join and ask to become an affiliate you have to go through a marketing challenge, and you’ll need to have connected with your business coach at least twice.

After you do that, then you can apply.

However, Affiliate Institute doesn’t accept everyone and anyone. They only want high quality people who aren’t going to tarnish their name, and they want people who will actively promote their program. So, no guarantee for getting accepted.

I get it, though. One good thing about it, too, is that this means less competition for those of us who get accepted. 😉

How I Promote Affiliate Institute

After seeing success promoting another affiliate product unrelated to Affiliate Institute, I decided I’d like to build out another stream of income. The product I decided to go with was from none other than Affiliate Institute itself.

I decided to promote this because I really believe in the philosophy that they teach, and I really enjoy the most recent changes they’ve made to their platform and training.

Obviously I also saw a ton of benefit in being able to promote them as an affiliate as well.

I think most affiliates out there aren’t particularly transparent when it comes to what they do to promote a product.

You always hear about when people are being successful, but no one talks about the failures.

This, of course, makes sense, since no one wants to be copied on their journey to profitability. I’d like to do something a bit different, though. I’ll be taking down records of all the things I end up doing to promote Affiliate Institute, and I’ll be sharing this with a smaller group of people who are ready to invest in their own success and put in the time needed.

I started a small Facebook group where we can share ideas and what we’re actively working on. It’s invite only, and is only for people who are showing that they’re actively working on their goals and online business.

Inside this group I’m sharing all the methods I’m using to make me money by promoting Affiliate Institute and more.

I’m actually super excited for this, and it helps to keep me and others accountable. Win/win.

Everything Else You Should Know About Affiliate Institute

Is Affiliate Institute a Scam?

Before writing this I read a ton of other Affiliate Institute reviews. There were a couple that alluded to it being a scam seconds before they pushed another, similar product on their readers. This is extremely unfortunately because the training from Affiliate Institute is as legit as they come. It’s an amazing program that is done extremely well, and the training itself is top notch.

Any review I’ve read that said anything bad about it had an ulterior motive (they were pushing their own affiliate offer from Wealthy Affiliate).

Is Affiliate Institute an MLM?

Nope. It definitely isn’t.

Some of the people involved used to be a part of another MLM that went out of business, and since their names are now associated with Ai they just make the assumption that it is the same kind of system.

However, Affiliate Institute is not an MLM because it only has a single level affiliate compensation system in place, and they actually push real, valuable products instead of thin-air and empty products that do nothing.

Is the Community Active?

It isn’t as big as some other programs out there, but it grows bigger and bigger every month. At a rather rapid pace, I might add. And yes, the members of the community are very active.

Last Thoughts

There are a ton of methods people can use to make money online nowadays. Getting started in the game, though, tends to be one of the biggest hurdles that almost everyone faces.

That’s what makes Affiliate Institute so incredibly valuable to people. It literally teaches you not just the fundamentals to form your online business foundation, but it takes you beyond that to building and growing into an incredibly profitable business. After that it helps you by providing more and more advanced training to take yourself and your business ventures even further.

If you also happen to be on the lookout for a very lucrative affiliate program to start promoting, well hey, Ai has that available as well. Almost no other programs out there have anything even close in terms of value. Which means that you’ll be earning even more affiliate commissions.

Want to try it out for yourself? Affiliate Institute currently offers a free registration so you can get your feet wet. What are you waiting for?

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