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‘Becoming a father was the motivation I needed to change my lifestyle’ – The Irish Times

My fitness journey started when I became a father in 2010. At the time, I wasn’t overweight, but I was on a path that could have ended that way. Despite being in the food business and knowing all about nutrition and calories, and also being a decent cook, my diet was terrible and consisted of a lot of takeaways and eating out. Becoming a father was the motivation I needed to change my lifestyle, because I wanted to be a good role model and enjoy being active with my kids. 

I started personal training with Chris Cadwell from The Edge Gym in Clontarf, as I needed expert advice initially to kickstart the new journey. I loved it instantly and still train one-on-one. I currently train with Jenni TRX. She’s created a brilliant mixed plan for me focusing on resistance training and HIIT. Personal training is great as you can switch it up so you don’t get bored. It also means I also continue to look and feel better rather than plateauing.

I’m definitely results-driven, so having a trainer to set goals and hold me accountable motivates me. I think overall it’s the shared mindset, expert one-on-one advice, and accountability that I like. I’ve actually had my best business ideas when the endorphins are flowing – my company Foods for Fitness being one.

I’ll be 41 this month and I’m really glad I’ve put the time in when it comes to my health, especially when I see both my kids so active with GAA and gymnastics and, of course, the family daily step challenge! Life can get in the way sometimes but I make sure to jump straight back in where I left off and never wait until Monday to start again.

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