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Zoning may kill motivation to strive for excellence – Jakarta Post

Studying in a state high school was the norm for me and most people I’ve known since childhood. Coming from a middle class family, born in Bandung, West Java, but having relocated to the small town of Cimahi as an infant, a good state high school was the best option for me.I grew up thinking that if I study well, I should be able to be accepted at one of the top state high schools in Bandung.None of the state high schools in Cimahi were an option, although I was proud to have graduated from state junior high school SMPN 1 Cimahi.I had a dream to see the world and I thought studying in Bandung could be the first step to make it come true. In junior school I studied hard and my parents worked hard to enroll me into a private institute to take extra classes to help me ace my final examinations.Hard work at school and the extra classes finally paid off. My final exam score was the third hi…

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