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The Greatest Consultant Marketing Strategy In The World – Forbes

First impressions can last a lifetime. What impression is your bio making?

Probably not a great one, judging by the many bios I have read of consultants, professionals and coaches. These bios are not doing a good job of attracting high-paying clients for you.

A killer professional bio is the greatest consultant marketing strategy in the world. Your bio can do a lot of the hard work of attracting high-paying clients.

I don’t know any other way to tell you, but your bio is lazy. It’s time to whip that lazy bio into shape.

To get advice, I went to two of my former public relations graduate students who have gone on to launch successful public relations firms.

“Your professional bio is often the first thing a potential client or employee will see when they find you online,” says public relations and social media expert April Harter Enriquez. “Think about it, your about me is everywhere.”

Enriquez, founder of WordPop Public Relations in San Diego, points out the many places your bio appears: company website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, proposals, articles, presentations, and award applications, just to name a few.

How do you whip your lazy bio into shape? Enriquez offers these pointers.

“Is it up-to-date?” asks Enriquez. “Is it interesting? Does it accurately reflect who you are? More importantly, does it show your prospect the value you can bring to them?”

“Among the biggest mistakes experts make is sharing too much irrelevant information, failing to name and claim their ideal client in their message, and neglecting to share their information with the right people who can benefit most,” says Nancy Juetten of Seattle, author of the “Bye Bye Boring Bio Workbook.”

Juetten has created free tools that have been downloaded by thousands of experts and aspiring experts to create client-attracting bios that bring in new business. Visit for a free bio template.

“Clients invest with experts who have the experience and track record that delivers the kinds of results they crave,” says Juetten. “That’s why a bio that showcases these kinds of specifics can be a powerful marketing tool.”

Juetten recommends sharing at least three points of credibility, authority, and experience. “That could mean naming names of influential clients your company has served, showcasing the Amazon or New York Times best-selling books you’ve written, or highlighting the media credits you’ve earned to bring attention to your expert authority,” says Juetten.

Bios are not a one and done kind of thing. As your career evolves, so should your bio. Bios are digital, not set in stone.

“The bio should bring to light the ways you or your company most like to be of service so the next step for the reader to take is clear,” says Juetten. “Sharing some personality can be powerful, too. That can be accomplished by sharing a sassy sound bite at the start. When readers are riveted by a simple quote that speaks to their philosophy and approach to doing business, that paves the way for readers to want to pick up the phone and start a conversation.”

One last tip from Juetten. “First impressions are lasting,” says Juetten. “Make yours count.”

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