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4 Success Tips from a Marketing Legend – AdExchanger

What does true happiness and success look like in the world of marketing?

While it’s a hard question to answer, I think we can all identify it when we see it. And right now, I’m looking at Frank Cooper III.

Frank has worked at some of the biggest companies out there, including Pepsi & Buzzfeed, and is the current CMO of Blackrock. He was also named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business, and received the Ad Color Legend Award.

Frank sat for a interview to discuss his views of the changing marketing landscape, and to share a few secrets of his success.

HOW TO: Succeed in the future of digital marketing

1. Let data inform your marketing, not control it

The era of the low-tech marketer is over. That being said, data is not a replacement for artful storytelling — humans still need to decide how to leverage modern data in a creative, ethical way.

ML & AI will play an increasingly important role. You don’t need to be a coder, but you need to be friendly with them — there’s simply no way around it.

2. Shift from an interruptive ad model to a content-centric strategy that adds value to online users

Craft environment-specific content that genuinely informs a consumer’s experience. E.g., if you’re on both LinkedIn and Instagram, ask yourself, “Why are these users here? How do they receive content differently? And how can I craft unique content to help them achieve their goals?”

Traditional advertising tends to get in the way of the online buyer’s intent. There’s still a role for it, but it can no longer be the central focus of your marketing.

If you’re just starting your content marketing, read the 3-step guide to building a winning content strategy →

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3. Identify and market your “purpose” — the reason, beyond profits, that your company exists

Purpose is now a key driver of long-term success and the best way to differentiate your brand. Find your purpose and let it guide your decisions, even if it means making short-term sacrifices.

A purpose isn’t just a social cause you support, it’s your reason for being. For example:

  • CVS: a healthcare company — they made the choice to stop selling cigarettes and took a $2 billion revenue hit
  • Nike: connecting people and communities through social consciousness — they chose to feature Colin Kaepernick in an ad, despite the political blowback
  • BlackRock: anyone can take a step towards greater financial stability — they became an anchor investor in Acorns.

Why do you need a purpose? Larry Fink’s famous CEO letter breaks it down for you →

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4. Combine your personal passions with your work now — don’t put it off until it’s too late

As you rise up the ladder, your passions will fall off. However if you intertwine the two now, you’ll achieve fulfillment throughout your life. Identify your passions, then work with companies whose purpose aligns.

For Frank, his passion is to expand human potential. This guiding light has taken him across many industries, but always towards success without compromising personal fulfillment.

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