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Fort Worth's James Vick has a big motivation for UFC on ESPN bout: Pay his house off – Dallas News

Fort Worth’s James Vick has a new house, a newborn and a new big fight.

He fights Paul Felder in the co-main event on UFC’s first main broadcast Sunday night on ESPN.

Vick (13-2), ranked 10th in the lightweight division, had won four straight fights before a first-round knockout loss to Justin Gaethje in August.

The lightweight spoke to The Dallas Morning News on Friday and discussed his recent big life change:

On his life lately: 

“I just a bought house right outside of Keller. I had my son (James Jr.) earlier this year. He’s 10 months old now. One of my big motivations for this fight is, if I win, I can pay my house off.”

Are you getting any sleep with a newborn?

“I am because my girlfriend (Adah Ceno, whom Vick has been with for four years). She breastfeeds, so it’s like a blessing. She doesn’t get any sleep, but I do. She’s a very good stay-at-home mom.”

You’re currently in Phoenix for the UFC fights, did you do something nice for her on Valentine’s Day?

“I texted her friend, ‘Hey could you bring roses and card and leave at the front door.’ So our friend goes to deliver and she catches my friend dropping the stuff. She calls me and is all crying and she knows how hard this is week is for me with the media and the weight cut. She was super happy to get it.”

Besides paying off your house, what are your motivations for this fight?

“My career, I want to stay in the Top 10 and top 15. I blew an opportunity in my last fight, and I am getting another one and I’m going to be capitalizing on it.”

What have you been working on and improving lately?

“I’m constantly evolving. I started fighting way later than most of these guys who started when they were 5 or 10. I didn’t start training until I was 20. I was in the UFC and I was working a full-time job. My skill set has really developed the past few years. I do a lot of karate, tae kwon do, jiu-jitsu and wrestling.

Has being a father changed you? 

“I’m not more motivated to win. But you think a lot more stuff, the decisions you make. I want to make the right decisions. I want him to be my hero. I want to him to look up to me. The last fight, I thought, ‘What type of father would I be if I just quit?’ You gotta get back up. I made adjustments what I did wrong. I let my back get too close to the cage and he caught me. You get caught one time, doesn’t mean you change anything.

You can follow Vick at @jamesvickmma on Twitter.

Learn more about Vick, including why he is called The Texecutioner here.

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