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The advantages of animated videos for your marketing strategy – Augusta Free Press

Animated videos can be used to enhance a company’s marketing strategy and get the word out there in a way that’s fun and eye-catching. Not only are animated videos cost-effective, but they are short and sweet and get to the point of what you’re trying to say.  There are several different types of animated videos that can be used, and all of them come with their own unique benefits.  Here are some of the advantages of animated videos and why you should be using them for your marketing strategy!

They’re Engaging

Humans are visual creatures- why read a piece of content when we can watch it in short, digestible video form?  This is why animated videos can be so powerful when it comes to marketing.  Adding things like music, narration, and sound effects to a video can really enhance the viewer experience, and you would be surprised how easily an audience could be swayed by subtle video details.

They’re Educational

Animated videos can be extremely educational when done correctly, which is why so many businesses use them for training purposes.  Whiteboard videos are some of the most popular kinds of animated videos for this purpose, as they tend to go a little bit deeper and rely on simple illustrations to paint a bigger picture.  Many businesses will enlist the help of a whiteboard animation company to get their message across in the most streamlined and effective way.

They Build Brand Awareness

A well executed animated video can significantly increase a company’s visibility and create brand awareness.  Animated videos can be customized down to tiny details like the colors used in the video in order to accurately represent a brand.  A great animated video can tap into the emotions of the viewer and make them feel something for the brand, depending on the message the brand wants to send.

They’re Nostalgic

For many people, animated videos bring back memories of childhood, which can be a useful marketing tool for businesses.  A well-done animated video will have viewers engaged and following along, and many companies have recognized that using nostalgic elements to capture an audience’s attention works.

They’re Versatile

One of the reasons animated videos are so popular is because they can work to serve a variety of purposes.  Whether they’re being used as educational training videos, how-to tutorials, or just general videos, animated videos get the message across in a way that other forms of content often can’t.  Different types of animated videos can also be used together to create a more unique viewer experience, such as combining cartoon animation with whiteboard animation.  Animated videos allow businesses to get creative in the way they want to present themselves to the world!

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