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5 Top Social Media ROI Best Practices for Successful Campaigns – MarTech Advisor

Having an effective social media marketing strategy is a mandate for businesses big or small. We analyze five campaigns that adopted social media ROI best practices to optimize their ROI.

In one of our previous articles Social Media Marketing Basics: How to Increase ROI from Social?, we discussed top tips to increase ROI from social. Best practices like having killer content, choosing the right platform, effective targeting, engaging the audience, deploying influencers, keeping track of the measurements and the metrics, listening to customers, and using the right tools are key to optimizing your social ROI.

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In this article, we discuss five campaigns that employed some of the best practices to maximize their ROI on social media.

Killer Content

Incontinence is not exactly what you would talk about in a public setting, especially social media. Yet, when Tena launched a social media campaign to drive awareness about bladder weakness, it led to an increase in the downloads of their My Pelvic Floor Fitness mobile app.

Killer content is not just about writing catchy posts on social media. Great content will address users’ pain points and add value to their lives. Tena did just that by launching a ‘squeeze along’ short form video. The video not only made the topic less taboo but also educated viewers about simple exercises to strengthen their pelvic muscles. It also promoted their app, which features daily reminders and helpful tips about Kegel exercises.

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Right Platform

KFC hid their famous Colonel’s ‘secret recipe’ on Twitter and cooked up yet another creative campaign.   Twitter users went berserk. The Colonel’s recipe is a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. KFC quietly followed exactly 11 Twitter accounts: six men named Herb and five women who were formerly known as the Spice Girls, (ditching the 35000+ Twitter accounts they had initially followed) and waited for users to notice the change.

When a user with the handle @edgette22 discovered the obscure recipe, his tweet received more than 4.5K mentions and over 308K retweets.

The campaign not only provided content that users craved, but also a showed brilliant and creative conception of the Twitter platform to plant an Easter Egg, and using it cleverly for the campaign to go viral.

Effective Targeting

When the protagonist Eleven (“El”), of the popular series Stranger Things, professed her love for Eggo Waffles, Kellogg’s tapped into the hype. They used the opportunity to dominate season two of Stranger Things. For each of the nine episodes of season two, nine Eggo recipes were created. Fans of the series were also surprised with an 80’s style waffle truck at the premiere of season two.

Kellogg’s not only tapped into the current trend, targeting Stranger Things’ fan base, but also played up the moment by creating DIY sheets for Stranger Things Halloween costumes, videos on YouTube, GIFs on Twitter, and a variety of posts on different channels.

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Deploying Influencers

Blenders Eyewear used Facebook Ads and Instagram’s influencer marketing for their sunglasses. They created ads that highlighted their customer reviews and comments about their products. On Instagram, they used high-quality photos of people wearing their eyewear to promote the brand.

The customer feedback garnered provided social proof for their target audience. Blenders Eyewear established relationships with photographers by offering freebies, and sponsoring Instameets. The brand also benefitted from encouraging satisfied customers to post photos with their hashtag, helping them build audience connect, boost their click-through rates, and decrease cost per click.

Engaging the Audience

ASOS has mastered the art of organic audience engagement, as can be seen with their #AsSeenOnMe campaign. ASOS utilized user-generated content strategy to fill up their news feed and to promote their range of products. They encouraged their customers to show off their latest ASOS purchases in images with the #AsSeenOnMe hashtag, and in return, they got an opportunity to be featured on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook pages. ASOS used the image to promote the product with its product description and number. It also facilitated impulse purchases using a link to the ASOS app.

ASOS has become one of the most successful digital brands (124k #AsSeenOnMe looks and 46.3 @AsSeenOnMe followers) with high customer engagement, thanks to this campaign.

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The above campaigns provide great insights into what following social media ROI best practices can do for a brand. As a marketer you need not spend millions to nail your social media marketing. A creative approach, an eagle eye to spot opportunities, and attention to user needs can help you craft a superb social media strategy.

We would love to hear your tips and tricks to optimize your social media ROI. Do write to us in the comments.

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