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Boat Club attempted robber had a bizarre motivation

TWO female employees of the Hervey Bay Boat Club were threatened at knife point during dinner time by a patron who was hungry for money.   

Drug addict Danial Kevin Ray Lier had pulled a hoodie over his face on June 26 before jumping onto the counter of the venue's gaming area to demand cash be put into his bag.  

Among the many fundamentally wrong aspects of this scenario was the fact that Lier did not have a bag on him, leaving the victims both confused and fearing for their lives, a court has heard. 

The knife used to threaten staff at the Hervey Bay Boat Club. Inge Hansen

  The failed robbery ended with witnesses tackling Lier to the ground and hitting him with a chair to restrain him until police arrived.   

On Thursday, the 29-year-old was sentenced in Hervey Bay District Court for the attempted armed robbery, after he pleaded guilty.   

His left hand was still plastered for injuries sustained while being restrained, and the court heard it will most likely be permanently damaged, but Judge Glen Cash said he found it difficult to sympathise for the criminal.  

Lier claims his motive to rob the Boat Club was to get money to send himself to a drug rehabilitation centre.   

The court heard prior to the drug-fuelled attempted robbery, which began about 7pm, the father-of-two had enjoyed a drink at the venue and also played on the pokies.   

Upon being told to put money into a non-existent bag, an employee told Lier: "Mate, you don't have a f***ing bag."  

Lier continued to repeatedly mutter "money in the bag" while being restrained.  

The court heard Lier had held the fishing knife as close as 10cm from one of employees, though defence barrister Phillip Hardcastle said Lier disputes holding the knife that close to anyone.   

However, Judge Cash dubbed Lier to be "not the most reliable historian."   

The Pialba man was sentenced to four-years in jail. He will be eligible for parole on June 25 next year.   

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